Some say he knows two facts about ducks, and that both of them are wrong

An endless runner isn’t necessarily something we’d hope for from a game called Race The Stig, but thanks to the BBC it’s what we’ve got. Released today for Android – and cross platform for iOS and Windows Phone – you put your helmet on, jump into one of the iconic cars from the TV show and try and out run The Stig. Need for Speed, this isn’t.

The graphics are a little low-end, and being an endless runner there isn’t much we haven’t seen before. But, it’s Top Gear, it’s The Stig, so anyone who’s seen the show will likely give it at least a try. Oh, and at some point in the game you get to race in Geoff, Top Gear’s own take on the electric car – later known as the Hammerhead Eagle iThrust, or something.


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