As part of our increasing focus on you, the loyal reader, we’re pleased to introduce a new weekly series called Topic Tuesday. Each Tuesday we’ll post a question for user-only discussion. In exchange for your opinions, we’ve increased the points for a comment upvote on these posts, so sharing something useful to the community will get you even more credit.

Today’s question: What is the best Twitter app for Android? I’m sure we’ve had this discussion before, but the last post I could find was from 2009, so I think we’re ready for a revisit.

In addition to user comments, we’ll make sure to get a few staffers to answer each Topic Tuesday, too. My favorite Twitter client has to be Tweetdeck. I’m in love with the column interface, especially the small yellow dots/lines that indicate when there are new tweets to be read. At a glance, I can see new tweets across multiple accounts, saved hashtags or other users. The compose tweet screen is also one of the best I’ve seen, making it insanely easy to add mentions, location, shortened links, etc. On top of all the Twitter stuff I like, Tweetdeck also supports Facebook and Foursquare, neither of which I use but mention here in case some of you guys do.

We asked staff author Dustin Earley which Twitter experience he preferred and he want the au natural route:

“When it comes to Twitter clients for my Nexus S, I have obsessively used them all. It may not be the best looking of the bunch, but two things keep me coming back to the official Twitter client for Android. I have yet to find another app that is quite as smooth or has better notifications. Every app seems to have at least some small form of stutter or lag except for the official Twitter app. The ‘pull to refresh’ animation is a great example. Other apps have tried to use it, but the animation for the action is never as fluid. Notifications in the official Twitter app are quick and have never had a negative impact on the battery life of my Nexus. With an older phone like this, every little bit towards the battery life counts.”

We also polled our editor Anthony Domanico, who reminded us that he also likes to check out The Twitters on a tablet:

“Though it’s not necessarily my first choice when it comes to phones (Tweetdeck wins it in that category), I religiously use Plume on my Honeycomb tablet. Simply put, the UI on Plume for Honeycomb is gorgeous, and the way Plume handles multiple accounts helps me manage my two personal and one AAM accounts with ease. Also, since this is one of the main projects for developer LevelUpStudio, updates and bugfixes come relatively frequently, especially when you participate in their beta program.”

So what about you?

Which Twitter client is your favorite? And why? With so many solid contenders to choose from, it’s sometimes hard to really decide why to use one app over another. The devil really is in the details (notifications or smoother animations, for example) and we want to know which app you’ve crowned king.

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