Alexa, dim the lights!

The TP-Link Kasa KL110 dimmable white smart bulb is down to $ 15.99 on Amazon. This is the lowest price ever for this bulb. It matches the price we saw during TP-Link’s one-day Amazon sale yesterday, but thankfully the deal didn’t vanish when the larger sale did. The smart bulb normally sells for around $ 25 and has been selling for $ 20 recently, although this drop is new and unique.

So simple

TP-Link Kasa dimmable white smart bulb

I love TP-Link’s Kasa series. I use the bulbs and the plugs because they are super easy to setup and work with little hassle. The price ain’t bad either.

$ 15.99 $ 25 $ 9 off

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TP-Link’s Kasa smart bulbs offer some of the easiest ways to upgrade old, dumb lamps to work with your new smart home. The bulb does not require a hub and connects directly to your 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network. You can use the Kasa app and voice systems like Amazon’s Alexa to add all kinds of functionality to your light. Control it from anywhere, dim the brightness, schedule it going on and off, and more. Users give these lights 4.1 stars based on 2,093 reviews.

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