Transformer Prime

ASUS finally revealed the Transformer Prime specs this week, but unfortunately the release date was pushed back to December. If you are patiently waiting to pick up the first Tegra 3-powered device, then you might want to head over to Brazilian blog ZTOP for some early hands-on treatment of the world’s first quad-core Android tablet.

Henry Martin of ZTOP notes the three things that surprised him the most were the “loud, clear, share” sound, ultra-slim design (only 8.3mm thick), and the overall speed of the device. It’s nice to read he was impressed with the performance because the engineering sample he played with still had Android 3.2 and we expect even greater performance enhancements when the device is updated to Android 4.0.

Hit up the source link for a handful of pictures and a couple of quick videos. Does the Transformer Prime look like it will live up to your expectations?

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