Try Galaxy Nexus Face Unlock and Win [Canada-only]

How would you like to smile your way to a new Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone?

Samsung Mobile Canada has put together a cool little contest on their Facebook Page, and see if your face unlocks some prizes. It is open only to Canadian residents, but its nice to see a contest where I’m eligible.

Zoom over to their Facebook App, where you can try out a simulation of the coo new Face Unlock feature that has featured prominently in a number of TV ads recently, using either an uploaded photo or your webcam. If your face is a “match”, you are immediately notified that you win one of:

  • 15 Samsung Galaxy Nexus phones
  • 15 $ 50 Future Shop or Best Buy gift cards
  • 15 $ 25 Cineplex Odeon gift certificates

The contest opened today, and you can try it once per day until February 6th. Yes, if you win your mugshot gets to stay on their page of most recent winners, so make sure to smile as if you won the Galaxy Nexus!

Get smiling, and let us know if you win!


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