Starting this summer, the car service beloved by of us will become the AT&T bloatware loathed by, well, just about everyone.

Uber and AT&T today announced a partnership that will use the U.S. carrier’s data in its cars. And in turn, Uber’s app will be preloaded onto new Android phones on AT&T. (And it wouldn’t at all surprise us to see the app show up in a ROM update for current phones, which has happened this year already.)

Here’s how Uber puts it:

AT&T and Uber have joined forces—and networks—to deliver seamless Uber access to AT&T customers. Starting this summer, the Uber app will begin to be embedded in new AT&T Android phones. AT&T will also be one of Uber’s key providers of new wireless service to drivers on the Uber platform in the United States, supporting Uber’s rapid growth across the country, which currently includes more than 60 U.S. Uber cities.

Uber’s goal is to make sure that anyone can open the Uber app anywhere and be able to connect with a safe, reliable and seamless ride through the Uber app.

That’s great if you’re in one of the 60 areas that Uber serves. (You can find that list here.) And if you’re not? Well, it’s just one more app that you won’t use.

Source: Uber

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