HP released quite a few tablets during 2013, including the Slate 7, Slate8 Pro and Slate10HD. It looks like Hewlett-Packard plans to continue pumping the marketplace full of slates in 2014, as a new leak has revealed a some unannounced HP-branded tablets.

A new report from @evleaks contains images of previously-unseen HP tablets. Included in the batch of five shots are the fronts of black and white devices, the red backside of a unit with a Beats Audio tattoo and then two images of another tablet that appears to be painted in silver and gold hues.


While these images give us a pretty good look at HP’s unannounced tablets, they don’t shed much light on their specs. We can see that the units showing their backsides have rear cameras, and as I mentioned before, the red model also features Beats Audio branding. It’s also worth noting that while we don’t know their exact screen sizes, their shapes suggest that they’ll be smaller models. You can find a couple more images of these leaked HP tablets over at @evleaks’ site.

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