Complete UI overhaul fronts list of changes for popular Android travel application

United Airlines has had a usable Android app for some time now, but it wasn’t always the prettiest out there. Today’s update to version 2.0 changes that, making those with an eye for proper design happy while also adding new functionality. The app has received a complete UI overhaul (or an “Android friendly design” as they call it), with new buttons, layout and navigation tabs.

Booking search results are now improved, giving you the choice of a regular list view to get more flights in each screen or a detailed view with more information on each flight. Calendar selection for flight search has also been improved, and seat selection has a new design as well. When you’re at the airport with a mobile boarding pass, it has also received a refresh and made it easier to manage multiple passengers.

The update is now live in Google Play at the link above, and we’re sure more than a few people flying United will be happy with this complete set of design improvements.

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