Google promised that the Nexus S would be updated to Android 4.0 shortly after the Galaxy Nexus was released. Sure enough, just one day after the Verizon Nexus hit shelves across the nation, Ice Cream Sandwich for the Nexus S has hit the air.

As for how the update will play out, it will be rolled out in waves (much like every other update has), with GSM devices first in line. Sprint’s Nexus S 4G will come later on. It may take around a month for the update to be completely deployed, but rest assured you shouldn’t have to wait that long. Once the update is out there, developers usually release a flashable update file that doesn’t require root to use.

When it comes to the changes in store for Nexus S users, Google has published a “Tips for Android 2.3 Users” page that offers some words of advice on making the upgrade. The page features information like how to change the wallpaper, create a folder and view recent apps. There’s also information on the new lock screen, the gestures found throughout Ice Cream Sandwich and app upgrades.

I’m still waiting for the update to hit my handset, but once it does, I’ll be sure to share my experiences. If you feel up to it, you can do the same in the comments below.


The manual update file for the T-Mobile (not sure about AT&T) Nexus S is live. I have successfully update my Nexus S, but keep in mind that this is a download at your own risk situation. Famed Android developer JBQ has put out some release notes on the update, saying that this is the first AOSP build that supports three devices: the Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus and Motorola Xoom. To download the update, I recommend visiting this Google+ post where you can also find instructions. Good luck!

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