In my humble opinion, Portal is one of the best games ever to be released. It’s incredibly innovative, fun, funny, fast paced, mind boggling and many other adjectives. I absolutely loved the first game, and it has a very special place in my heart. If you haven’t played it yet, you absolutely have to. And if you own an NVIDIA SHIELD, you may have a chance to play it on the mobile device sometime in the future.

NVIDIA has announced that the previously PC/console only game is coming to the SHIELD. Working with Valve, NVIDIA has ported the game over to the SHIELD hardware and Android operating system. This proves that the Source Engine can run on mobile hardware, which means ports of other Source games isn’t too wild of an idea any longer.

We don’t know if Portal will be exclusive to the SHIELD or will come to all Tegra devices or even all Android devices (we highly doubt it), but it is coming. Unfortunately, we have no time frame either. All we know is it’s “coming soon.” I’m excited to see the game come to mobile hardware, if only to prove that it can be done. Maybe we’re looking at the beginning of Valve’s future in mobile. We’ll find out soon, but for now, are you excited?

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