This might be the most encouraging sign we’ve seen to date. The Galaxy Nexus has shown up in actual Verizon retail packaging. The original poster over on XDA indicated that this is in a they are shipping to Verizon stores this week. The exact whereabouts of the box photographed here are unspecified.

In keeping with the Nexus theme of a pure and unfettered (well, mostly unfettered) Android experience, the packaging is about as minimalist as possible: just a white box with a red interior. It doesn’t appear that any extra goodies are packed inside either. It’s just a charger and a USB cable, although that’s not really the point of the Nexus line.

Unfortunately there’s no accompanying information confirming the release dates, but this has to make you feel pretty positive about Verizon’s hopes to release by the end of the week that we’ve been hearing about.

It’s been a long road to this release. Has your interest in the Galaxy Nexus waned over the last couple months, or are you going to be the first in line?

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