Verizon has invested its entire attention to the development of its 4G LTE network, and it looks like they’re ready to make the full switch. Big Red has stated that it will be making 4G LTE connectivity a requirement for device manufacturers, and every smartphone to roll out will come with this feature (including iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry devices).

Of course, there will be devices still operating on their 3G network. Feature phones should be on the list, as well as Push-To-Talk phones. Aside from such exceptions, the Verizon network is going to start to get filled with 4G LTE devices. But, will this come with its downsides?

Verizon’s fast 4G LTE network has been experiencing issues all along. Just last month, the network dropped three times, leaving millions without blazing speeds or even 3G sometimes. An overload of 4G LTE devices just may cause a bit more strain on the network than we would want. We sure hope Big Red gets things stable before we all commit to 4G LTE.

Not to mention that 4G LTE is known for sucking the battery life out of phones. This is being improved lately. Phones like the Galaxy Nexus offer much better battery life than the HTC Thunderbolt did. There’s no doubt that a smartphone will still last longer if 4G is turned off, though. Many users would prefer sticking to 3G only if it means the phone will cost less and battery life will be better.

Sit tight, and let’s see how things turn out before Verizon completely rolls out its 4G LTE network in 2013. Were you planning to purchase only 4G LTE smartphones from now on? Would you like to have the option to choose between 4G and 3G?

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