This is it people, the final stretch. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is almost ready for release on Verizon, marking its official debut appearance in the US. If some “credible reports” and a phone call from Verizon are correct, then the Galaxy Nexus will go on pre-sale tomorrow, with a release date of December 8.

According to Computer World, the stars have finally aligned to reveal the pre-order date for the Verizon version of the Galaxy Nexus. They say the date will be tomorrow, November 29. Computer World is saying the date has been confirmed by multiple Verizon employees, as well as Mike “micdawg” Peak, who shared his experience with Verizon customer service.

Last week I sent an email to Verizon letting them know how disgusted I was with the way they have handled the launch of the galaxy nexus. After multiple emails back and forth…I got a text message saying ‘this is (name redacted) from Verizon wireless I will be calling in a couple minutes from a 678 area code number.’

When she called me I explained to her my issues. … She then said ‘Well Mr. Peak, I can assure you, it won’t be long. Preorders are set to start Tuesday (November 29). And the phone will be released December 8.’ She also then said she was going to get ahold of my local store to make sure they called me as soon as they got one in, and held one for me to ensure I got one in the first Wave. Which I thought sounded like ********. But low and behold, Saturday night around 6pm I got a call from the Verizon store 1 town over (she apparently didn’t Google the closest..) and they have my name down and are saving me a Nexus, and will hold it for 2 days past release for me.Mike micdawg PeakComputer World

Alas, this is still no official statement from Verizon. But that doesn’t mean you can’t pre-order a Nexus tomorrow. Verizon has launched silent pre-orders before. And we’re still trying to reach out to Verizon for a con

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