I’ll believe it when I see it. Steve Kovach of Business Insider is reporting tonight that Samsung has confirmed to him that the Galaxy Nexus will launch on Verizon ”in December.” I find it a little odd that Samsung would confirm the release window when Verizon is the one launching the phone, but the last rumored release date was December 8th.

Google has been saying that the Galaxy Nexus would be available in November, but with only a week left and no announcement from Verizon it doesn’t look like they will meet that goal. Word on the street is that Verizon has had difficulty reaching Technical Acceptance (final software certification), so I’m sure they will be eager to alert us when the phone is ready.

At this point I don’t really care when it comes out as long as the device is mostly bug free. Some of you who purchased the Nexus S last year remember that it shipped with a nasty rebooting problem that took Google almost two months to pinpoint and fix. Hopefully this launch goes a little more smoothly.

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