Rumored release dates for the Galaxy Nexus are not in short supply. Just about every other day now, another internal document makes its way online with a new, or old, release date for the device. The latest document to hit the Internet lends a helping hand to the credibility of an older rumored release date.

Just two days ago on the first on the month, a leaked Verizon memo pegged the Galaxy Nexus as releasing after Black Friday. A couple days before that, the release date for the European Nexus was set as November 17. It was said that the US Nexus will not be launching until after the European version does. Today, yet another internal document has leaked that puts the Verizon Galaxy Nexus on track for a November 17 release.

The document, obtained by Android Central, is said to be a “work in progress that will be sent out next week to all retail stores/partners along with promotional materials such as posters and flyers.” Of course we’d like a little more solid evidence than what we have, but if nothing else, this is a sign to not give up hope yet.

It doesn’t make sense for Verizon to wait until after the biggest shopping day of the year to release one of the biggest phones of the year, so don’t be surprised if Big Red is rushing around trying to push the Nexus out the door as fast as possible. Either way, it won’t be long now. We’ll be sure to update you on any other release date madness we can get our hands on.

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