If the latest rumors are correct (and why wouldn’t they be, right?), we could finally see Verizon place the Galaxy Nexus on sale come December 15. Just last week everyone seemed to agree that the Galaxy Nexus could arrive on December 9, but that date came and went just like the dozen others that were rumored before it.

Some would argue that the Galaxy Nexus has never been delayed because Verizon has not announced an official release date, but there is evidence that units have already arrived at multiple retailers and then missed the target launch date. Now stores are just waiting on the final word before placing them on sale.

Rumored launch dates have so far included Nov. 3, Nov. 10, Nov. 13, Nov. 17, Nov 21, Nov. 27, Nov. 29, Dec. 8, Dec. 9, Dec. 13, Dec. 24, and Dec. 31. We agree it’s getting ridiculous, but who’s keeping count?

We haven’t posted a Galaxy Nexus story in the last 48 hours, so we figured some of you were going through withdrawals. Some of the latest updates include:

Basically, it has been the usual chaos since Google first announced that Verizon would carry their device back in October. It’s possible that Verizon royally screwed this launch up or maybe they had some secret plan to drive all the fanboys crazy and clog the tubes with Galaxy Nexus rumors for weeks on end.

Will we finally see the Galaxy Nexus go on sale at Verizon on December 15? I sure hope so, but I won’t believe it ’til I’m holing one in my hands.

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