Verizon may have caught on to the unlimited data trick, reportedly adjusting accounts

Verizon appears to have caught wind of a trick that subscribers had been using to raise their accounts from a tiered data plan to an unlimited one.

Verizon subscribers who signed up for service after the company instated tiered data plans have for months been using a widely-known but rarely-publicized hack that would upgrade their phone to a data plan. By signing-up for a mobile hotspot plan, then canceling it soon after, they managed to switch from a 2-10 GB per month plan to one without any cap. However, following a post on deals site SlickDeals, and subsequent posts on many popular tech blogs like Cult of Mac and Gizmodo, it appears the trick will no longer work.

Consumerist reports that one of its readers who tried the workaround received a call from a Verizon “Audit Team” that his account had been adjusted back to its original tiered data plan. The deal had previously worked but was rescinded within an hour.

It’s no surprise that Verizon caught on to this loophole following publication on so many websites. The volume of increased sign-ups and cancellations in a short period of time was bound to trigger an investigation at Verizon to discover the cause. There’s no official word from the carrier that it is blocking other upgrades, but it’s possible that Verizon will start reversing accounts that used this workaround back to their original state. SlickDeals members are reporting that they are unable to get the deal anymore.

Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Coverage Map

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