Verizon Wireless has had quite the month. Their “most reliable” 4G LTE network went down again yesterday, marking the third time Verizon’s data network has been unavailable in December. The Galaxy Nexus was delayed multiple times, as was the DROID 4. And today’s news doesn’t do much to instill a sense of confidence in Verizon’s customers for 2012.

According to Droid-Life, Verizon will roll out a new fee on January 15th where Verizon will charge some customers an additional $ 2, just for paying your bill. With this new fee structure, Verizon will charge customers $ 2 when they take advantage of Verizon’s pay by phone service or non-automatic e-pay service. The fee will not apply to customers who are enrolled in Verizon’s auto bill pay program, or those who either pay their bills in store, via an electronic check, online through your bank’s website, or physically mail a check to Verizon’s remit address via USPS.

With the highest plan prices in the country, you would think the costs of paying bills would already be factored into the plans, and that Verizon wouldn’t need to shoot themselves in the foot by charging customers a fee just to pay their bills. With all the hullabaloo surrounding their “most reliable 4G network,” here’s hoping that Verizon uses the additional revenue to improve their network up-time, and not just to rule your wallet.

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