kindle fire ics

The Amazon Kindle Fire is definitely one of the best deals you can find for an Android tablet. For a mere $ 200, this tablet has been flying off the shelves, and is even expected to comprise half of the Android tablet market by next year. It is mostly the price/specs that make this device so desirable, as well as Amazon’s services. But Android fans believe that the software is very limited compared to the usual Android tablet.

This may lead you to a high-end tablet, but many users may rather not shell out $ 500 or more for a tablet. Luckily, the developer community has come to the rescue. The Nook Color also had the same locked down nature, but after developers did their work on it, people had Android fully running, along with all the extra features. If you’ve been waiting for developers to get full Android working on the Amazon Kindle Fire, your lucky day may be coming soon.

This developer (G1011999) has been hard at work porting Android 4.0 to the Kindle Fire, and he now has it booting up and the touchscreen working. After taking a look at the About Phone, under settings, the developer demonstrates that the Android version is 4.0.1. Not much else seems to work, but this is proof that we should start seeing some results soon, whether it’s from this developer or another.

Take a look at the video to see Ice Cream Sandwich running on a Kindle Fire, the same device that many of you own right now. Will you be flashing Android 4.0 (or any other version) to your Kindle Fire once it’s possible? Who knows, maybe a Beta version will be out before the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is released.

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