Last August, Samsung announced one of the most promising Chat apps that we’ve seen. It did not arrive in September, as we expected, but Samsung’s new chat application has finally been released. This application is called ChatOn and could be one of the best chatting applications, if it gains enough momentum.

Take text, picture and video messaging, along with multi-platform support (not to mention it’s free) and you’ve got yourself something going on. As we reported a few months ago, this could be a great option for everybody, as long as most people adopt it. There are multiple chatting apps, but most are not as full-featured as ChatOn, and many are not supported on multiple platforms.

As of now, ChatOn is only available for Android, Bada and Samsung feature phones. But Samsung mentions that iOS and Blackberry support is coming soon. All these platforms will be able to share text, pictures, video and more amongst each other, so let’s hope everyone picks it up soon.

If you want to start using this app, head to the Android Market and download it. We’ve placed a link and QR code for you below. Let your friends know, too! The app is new, so most people won’t have it. Check out the video to see what ChatOn is all about, and let us know what you think. Will you be using ChatOn? Do you think there’s a better option?

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