iPhone 4S line

We have all seen those long lines at Apple stores during product launches. People camp out there for long hours and days to get what many (especially Android fans) believe to be a trivial update of the iPhone 4. Whether it is due to brand loyalty, the ethos, or actual preference, Apple fans simply tend to prefer sticking with “iDevices.”

This is something that we Android enthusiasts always wonder about, right? Why go through such a struggle to get a device that (specs-wise) is about a year old on Android standards? Apple users usually mention that the specs do not matter, though. Which is quite true, the iPhone 4S provides a great user experience, and it definitely gets the job done. There are so many factors to consider, though. Apple’s locked down nature and lack of 4G connectivity are only a couple of the extensive list of reasons why we prefer Android over iOS.

We have stumbled upon this video, and while it looks like it is a legit Samsung commercial, no Samsung official source has released it. Whether it is official or not, though, it is definitely something to have fun with for a minute (and 1 second).

The commercial pretty much touches on the stereotypes that characterize the typical iPhone fanboy. Check it out for some giggles, and sound off in the comments section. Would you wait in line for a Galaxy Nexus? If you are an iPhone user, let us know why you would prefer an iPhone 4S over a Samsung device (or any Android device, for that matter).

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