Still building hype for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the manufacturer and Verizon have told us nothing about the official price and release date. We’ve seen the phone in action and know about its awesome features. Its cases are already showing up in Verizon’s stores, but it seems we’ll have to wait a while longer to know when we can get our hands on this device.

Samsung Vice President of Prduct Planning Nick DiCarlo made a brief appearance on Fox News recently. DiCarlo left the hosts awed after showing off the face recognition unlock feature and the voice recognition capabilities. Eager to know when the iPhone’s major competitor would be released, the hosts asked about price and release date details.

Not much of an answer was given. Nick’s response basically let us know we’d just have to wait for Verizon to disclose such information. The answers were simple (and vague); all DiCarlo said was, “Just a little bit later this year,” (in regards to the release date) and “Well, hopefully Verizon will let us know very soon. It’s their phone, they know” (in regards to the price).

The most recent rumors state that the device should be going for $ 299 on a 2-year contract, and will be released later this month. Maybe the 17th or the 21st. Such information is not official, though, and we would love to be sure, Verizon.

Time is passing, and many of you have probably been losing some hair from the stress (or from pulling it). Let’s hope this enigma is resolved soon and we see an announcement of the price and availability. Until then, check out the video, and let the waiting continue.

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