WIMM’s attempt to make us look like detectives has kept us on the lookout since we first heard about its smart watch last August. What differentiated this smart watch was that it is meant to be a stand alone product. Competing products are inextricably tied to smartphones. Hell, the Sony Ericsson LiveView can’t even tell you the time without being connected to your phone.

The Android watch market is growing, with devices like the Sony Ericsson LiveView, the I’m Watch, the MotoActv and of course, the WIMM One. While none of these are amazing just yet (nor are their prices, usually), they do have great potential. The WIMM One seems to be the most ambitious, opening the device to developers and manufacturers. They plan to take things to the next level. Are these Android watches exciting enough to back up the hype, though?

Reviews have been popping up on the interwebs, showing what this little guy can do. The best reviews we’ve seen are from Slash Gear[1] and The Verge[2]. Before making any judgement calls, we must realize that the WIMM One is taking its first baby steps. Developers (or manufacturers) have not been working on this device for any significant time. This happens to be a developer product and is by no means ready for the common user yet.

That being said, the device does seem to be lackluster (at least for now). It’s a bit buggy, noticeably sluggish, and the screen isn’t great in full-color mode. However, It does happen to have a low-power mode with no backlight, which works great in sunlight. As assumed, the app selection is not the best, since it’s in its first stages. It’s definitely not the best thing we have seen. But boy, does this little guy have potential.

The WIMM One’s included wristband reminds me a bit of the original Kindle: it’s so ugly, it actually looks great.Chris ZieglerThe Verge

As of now, the watch itself is nothing but a black box with a screen – no blows and whistles. And according to Chris Ziegler from The Verge, the wristband is “so ugly, it actually looks great.” We would say that the same applies to the whole product. Take a look at Slash Gear’s hardware and software videos to see what this device can do.

As you can see, the device isn’t horrible. It’s just too new to be as amazing as it could be. Once the project starts evolving, manufacturers might be improving the performance with better specs, and developers will probably jump in and make some very convenient “micro-apps.” The possibilities are endless, since the device runs on Android, and WIMM is trying to set things up so that this watch can expand its horizons.

The developer kit is not cheap at all. It will cost you $ 299, but it might be worth it. If you happen to be interested in developing for this platform (or just love the idea of carrying an Android watch), this should be a great investment. Don’t expect this little thing to do everything you want it to just yet, though.

Check out Slash Gear and The Verge for the full reviews, and let us know what you think. Do you see a good future for the WIMM One? Or do you think it’s a luxury gimmick?


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  2. Via The Verge

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