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Back where I come from, the world of webOS and the PreCentral Nation, has been a service used by more than a few great developers to bring easy-to-implement cloud services to their applications. According to a tweet sent out by the service provider, and our own conversations with the developer team, will soon no longer be exclusive to webOS – Android developers are going to get a bit of the sweet action as well.

While there is no set date for a release just yet, when Villo does finally land developers will be able to bring push-chat, gifts, leader-boards, user-profiles and quite a bit more to their existing applications with just a few hooks into Villo API’s. This takes away the hassle developers have with building and maintaining their own cloud networks, and will soon pave the way for a completely streamlined cloud ecosystem across all platforms and all types of apps.

From a user’s perspective, apps that hook into couldn’t be simpler to use. Just as if you use your Google account to log into multiple services, app users will log into their account one time and have access to their profile, friends, chat rooms, gifts and leader-boards on any Villo-powered apps that they’ve installed. If developers choose to do so, they can even sync the data across multiple apps and devices so that users never lose what they were doing last (similar to how the Amazon Kindle app saves where you were reading last across devices).

Villo has already seen some nice success with webOS developers, having been used in games, sports apps and location-based apps (to name a few). When it does finally hit the Android Market, you can expect to see plenty of developers get involved. And to be completely honest, it’s exciting to see a great team of developers come over to the land of the living and give Android some attention. Head to the website to find out more details and sign-up for developer access now; we’ll let you know when it finally arrives in the Market, “soon”.

Source:; Via: Twitter (@Villo)


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