Next week at CES we are sure to see some new Android smartphones, tablets, and TVs, but we also expect to see some awesome accessories. One company we definitely want to check out is Vuzix, who will be unveiling their SMART Glasses Technology. High prices and bulky designs have slowed the adoption of wearable displays among the average consumer, but Vuzix hopes to change that with their latest products.

Thanks to internal developments and a  recent licensing relationship with Nokia Corporation, Vuzix was able to produce a 1.4 mm thick polymer waveguide lens that fits into the temples & lenses of a conventional pair of eyewear. The new glasses are designed to work with connected devices like smartphones and allow the user to watch big screen movies or interact with augmented reality apps.

The current STAR 1200 glasses from Vuzix retail for $ 4,999, so hopefully they can bring the price down quite a bit and bring their wearable displays from today’s battlefield to the average consumer. Check out the video below for an idea of what see-through augmented reality can do.

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