I love Google+ because of the people who share interesting links and comments. I hate Google+ because filtering through all of those people to figure out which circles to put them is becoming more tedious than I anticipated.

Google has just completed the acquisition of a company that could make organizing your connections online easier. Katango has announced that its “circle just got bigger — because we’re joining Google.” The company confirms that its team members will join the Plus project and get to work making “Circles smarter for millions of people.”

As ReadWriteWeb notes, Katango is an iPhone app that created automatic lists of friends on Facebook. Rather than having to organize your Stanford friends and your knitting friends, the app uses algorithms and profile data to figured out which lists to assign people. That same type of technology will come in handy on Google Plus and eliminate circle fatigue. I’ve struggled in vein to sift through my followers to see if they belong in my Android, FIU, Sports, Tech, or Crazy circles. While I’m a unique case based on the number of followers I have, putting people in Circles can quickly become a chore that more Plus users may not want. Katango could potentially fix that problem and do the heavy lifting, or sorting, for users.

Adding Katango to the mix won’t magically make circle management easier tomorrow, but it’s the first step in achieving that goal. As Google Plus grows, keeping up with new connections proves harder, so any help is welcome. I look forward to seeing how this acquisition influences Google Plus.

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