WatchESPN adds full-screen streaming on tablets, support for Ice Cream Sandwich

ESPN has finally updated its flagship live streaming app in order to be compatible with more devices; WatchESPN should now support phones running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and improved the playback experience on Android tablets as well.

WatchESPN was previously problematic for Galaxy Nexus owners and those running a ROM based on Ice Cream Sandwich, but the most recent update appears to have fixed that. Another note in the “What’s New” changelog points out that it also has the ability to go into full-screen mode when viewed on tablets. Many users have ranted about their disappointment in the video window being limited on larger devices, but the app is finally streaming content in full view.

Not all complaints about WatchESPN have been addressed. The app remains limited to a select group of U.S. cable and Internet providers, so the vast majority of Android users are unable to access live streaming. Just look at WatchESPN’s Android Market review page and you’ll see that of the 5,200 comments, half are 1-star reviews, many of which complain about their provider not being supported. Only ESPN subscribers on Bright House Networks, Time Warner Cable, and Verizon FiOS can access the full range of live streaming options. (Verizon High Speed Internet subscribers can watch ESPN3 only.)

Download WatchESPN from the market to see if better streaming and support holds up nicely. I’d love to give you guys a review, but I’m unfortunately one of the many cable subscribers unable to access the app since my provider is not supported. Sigh.

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