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The Game Developers Conference is kicking off in San Francisco this week, and we’ll be there hobnobbing with developers, getting previews of upcoming mobile games, and getting some popular thoughts on the state of the industry.

Namely, we’ll be talking to a lot of game creators about their thoughts on the freemium business model. Despite its prevalence among the most commercially successful titles on the Play Store, there’s still a strong voice for core gamers that want to pay for their games up-front and be done with it. We’ll also be nagging iOS-exclusive devs to get their excellent creations onto Android.

It’s going to be a fun week with lots of new games to check out. Keep an eye on our GDC 2014 hub to see what’s happening at the show across all of our sites. We land in San Francisco on Monday afternoon, and the expo floor opens up on Wednesday. We’ve got a full calendar, but is there anything in particular you guys would like to see?


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