Xbox Live app may come to Android [Rumor]

Is Microsoft developing an Xbox Live app for Android? It certainly appears that way based on Microsoft’s recruitment efforts. LiveSide noticed a job post seeking Software Development Engineer to joint the Xbox Live Mobile team, and Android is mentioned by name in the post.

Responsibilities for the job include “Working with PM and test team to define, design and implement Xbox LIVE mobile experiences on Windows Phone, iOS and other platforms.” Since Windows Phone is a definite home for Xbox products and iOS already received an Xbox app last December, one must assume that “other platforms” translates to Android. If that weren’t enough confirmation, the job qualifications state that experience with “Android development is a big plus.”

An Android Xbox Live app might have a lot in common with the iOS app that serves mainly as a social tool. It allows users to edit their Xbox Live profiles, manage friend lists, learn about games, read or send messages, and view achievements within the app. Maybe Microsoft might even support more mobile games and friend connectivity that would put the Android offering on par with the Windows Phone 7 app.

There’s a slim chance that Microsoft would want to chip away at one of the few bright spots that Windows Phone currently holds over Android, but the company has a lot invested in Xbox. Microsoft might not want to hold back at Xbox despite the conflict.

[Microsoft] via LiveSide, AndroidCentral

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