If you live in the right area you can have your $ 249 thermostat delivered in a matter of hours.

Just a handful of weeks after Google’s acquisition of Nest was made official, Google Shopping Express will now deliver the home automation products right to your door the same day you order them. That is, if you live in San Francisco or San Jose. If you’ll recall, Google Shopping Express is the search giant’s local delivery service that lets you order a very specific set of items and have them delivered free of charge — at least for now — the same day if you live in a specific area.

Now the service is really useful for things like household goods and grocery items, but Google has also branched out to offer things like the Nexus 5 and now Nest products as well. You can pick up a Nest Thermostat for a cool $ 249 or a Nest Protect smoke alarm (or three, if you can afford it) for $ 129, and depending on when you order you’ll have a nice person knocking on your door with a Shopping Express bag in no time at all.

Google Shopping Express is free at the moment, and you’ll be agreeing to a six-month “free trial” in order to get the free shipping, but if you want to give it a try and live in the right place, this could be a fun way to do so if you’ve been eyeing a Nest. It sure as heck beats putting on pants and driving to the store.


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