While DepositFiles, Megaupload, and Rapidshare have become the default resources for consumers looking to share large files, YouSendIt has been popular among businesses and some consumers as well. Anyone who has been passing those large files around can do that on Android now that the YouSendIt Mobile App has been released.

YouSendIt, available now for Android 2.2 and higher, is a management tool for sending and receiving large files. It’s commonly used for video producers sending raw files to clients, coworkers using shared documents, or between people looking to send files too large for email attachments. With the YouSendIt Mobile App, users can download those files directly to their phone or send them securely to someone else. (You can even digitally sign them.)

Because YouSendIt includes a cloud storage component, users can also manage their accounts with the mobile app. Folder creation or moving is available in the app, and so is the ability to adjust Read/Write permissions for select folders. That allows team members to grant each other access to critical files without having to compromise their accounts. Users can also upload or delete files, access stored documents or videos, and send a file stored in the account. YouSendIt can share via the standard method or create a link that can pass to the Android share function.

A YouSendIt account is free if you want only the most basic features: 2 GB of total storage, 50 MB max file size and 5 e-signatures. However, you can sign-up for a $ 9.99 per month Pro account that raises those limits to 5 GB of storage, 2 GB max file size , and 10 signatures. A $ 14.99 per month plan offers unlimited storage, 2 GB max file size, and unlimited signatures, as well as a range of tracking features and support. View the full-breakdown of options or sign-up for a free trial at the YouSendIt.com plan comparison page.

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