ZiiLabs unveils 100-core ZMS-40 processor for Android 4.0

After a long period of time when dual-core processors have been the standard in power and performance when talking about Android-powered smartphones and tablets, quad-core chipsets have come and captivated all our attention.

However, in the technology world, enough is never enough, strong and powerful can always be beaten by stronger and more powerful, so there’s no wonder that today ZiiLabs is unveiling the first-ever 100-core processor.

The ZMS-40 chipset will pack together four 1.5 GHz ARM Cortex A9 cores with 96 ‘’StemCell Media Processing’’ cores to form what should be twice as snappy as the previous ZMS-20 processor.

According to a very long press release from ZiiLabs, the new ZMS-40 procesor will also use half the power of its predecessor, being therefore an economical choice, as well as a performance-based option. The chipset has been designed to work with Android 4.0 devices, but for now we have no news about any gadgets launching in the near future with the processor on-board. However, the official release talks about the Chinese tablet market that is ‘’going to explode’’ in the near future, so I guess that’s where the folks at ZiiLabs are planning to concentrate their efforts.

The ZMS-40 includes support for a rich suite of software, including a couple of interesting programs, such as the ZiiCamera for real-time preview and capturing of photos with 3D effects, the Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Crystalizer or live ultra high resolution 40 megapixel Panoramic photo capture in one sweep.

Of course, this official announcement has not come up by accident with just a few days before the start of the 2012 CES in Las Vegas, because the first chance people will get to take a look at this new gizmo will in fact be in the great state of Nevada as soon as next Monday. There will be a few tablets powered by the ZMS-40 on showcase, but it’s highly unlikely that these will be anything other than illustrative ‘’props’’. Check the source link at the end of the article for the complete press release from ZiiLabs.



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