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Android Porting to iPhone 4 / iPod Touch 4G, 3G / iPad 1, 2 Very Soon !

Great news, Android plateform on its way to land on iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod touch 4G, 3G. Look what we’ve found while perusing our Twitter timeline… This could means that we’ll see Android coming to the iPhone 4 and iPad (may be iPad 2 too) very soon as the hackers who ported Android on iPhone 3G / 2G has already made a great progress on porting Android to newer devices. First, cpich3g tweeted that they have very basic PMU on iPhone 4  [Read More…]

Android VS iOS

Android vs. iOS is a popular debate topic, but it might just be happening at the consumer level. 9to5Mac ran an interesting story this morning about some comments made byGoogle’s Asia-Pacific president, Daniel Alegre.”When the iPhone succeeds, Google succeeds,” he mentions in an interview with AdNews.

This alone shouldn’t catch anyone off guard. With over 100 million iPhones out in the wild using Google’s little search bar built into Safari, why wouldn’t Google be  [Read More…]

Facebook Launches New Unified Mobile Website

Facebook, the largest social network on the planet is today launching a new, unified mobile website.

There are currently two versions of Facebook for mobile devices – and The former is for all devices with touch screens while the latter is designed for more advanced smartphone hardware. From today forward though, will be the only mobile version of Facebook, writes Mashable’s Ben Parr.

According to Facebook,  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 and 10.1 Get Priced, New Thinner Chassis. Touted As World’s Thinnest Mobile Tablets

Apple’s iPad 2 has caused a real stir in the tech community, nowhere more so than Apple’s tablet competitors. Now Samsung has announced their new Galaxy Tab 8.9 and a redesigned 10.1 today, complete with iPad 2-like thin-ness.

Galaxy Tab 8.9Galaxy Tab 8.9

The two tablets,  [Read More…]

This Android Knows His Dance Moves [Video]

Xperia Arc is a great phone that comes with Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). But since Sony Ericsson probably isn’t one of the major players in the smartphone market, their marketing team came up with this weird, yet funny idea of promoting the phone with, well.. a dancing Android!

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Browser Wars: “Flawed” Study Shows Android Surfs Web 52% Faster Than iPhone 4 On iOS 4.3

It’s fast becoming the measure smartphone manufacturers and OS developers use to convey how fast their products are, and now one Canadian firm has taken Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android through 45,000 tests to see just who has the fastest web browsing experience.

Blaze Software Inc is a Canadian outfit dedicated to improving browsing speeds and they were kind enough to  [Read More…]

Android, RIM Pass iPhone in Total Smartphone Market Share

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According to the latest data published by prominent digital measurement provider comScore, Google’s Android and Research in Motion’s BlackBerry have become the largest mobile platforms, respectively, at the onset of this new year. Firmly pinned in third place is Apple’s iPhone, although it should be noted that the data reflects the period immediately before the Verizon iPhone was released.

The data comes from comScore’s “MobiLens” service,  [Read More…]

Android On Top In US Smartphone Wars, iOS and BlackBerry Joint Second – Report

It’s no great surprise to anyone who actually thinks about it, but a new report by Nielsen claims that Android is the number one smartphone OS in the United States with iOS and BlackBerry joint second.

Currently Google’s Android accounts for 29% of smartphones while Apple’s iOS and Research In Motion’s BlackBerry both hold a 27% share each. After that it’s a mish-mash of operating systems with Windows Phone  [Read More…]

Android 3.0: Download Honeycomb SDK Now

Android Honeycomb

Interested in checking out the Android 3.0 SDK?Google has rolled out the latest Android SDK (software development kit) the software is available to everyone. Of course there probably isn’t much to do with it at this point since most of us aren’t App developers and don’t have any Apps to load into it or test out.Those who are interested can follow the link below and check out the SDK  [Read More…]