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BT confirms acquisition of EE for £12.5 billion

BT today announced that the company had agreed definitive terms to acquire UK mobile operator EE, the largest mobile network in the country, for £12.5 billion ($ 19 billion). Talks between the two parties have been well under way since late last year. A combination of cash and new ordinary shares will enable BT to make the purchase, absorbing 31 million subscribers in the UK.

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BT is in talks to acquire EE for £12.5 billion

British Telecom has confirmed it has “entered into an exclusivity agreement with Deutsche Telekom and Orange” which could lead to BT acquiring the wireless carrier EE for about £12.5 billion. This means that the UK’s largest land line and broadband company could buy the country’s biggest mobile phone carrier.

Make Way For The gPhone: Google Buys Motorola’s Smartphone Business For $12.5 Billion! [Breaking]

Samsung’s not going to like this: Google has just purchased Motorola Mobility for $ 12.5 billion, finally placing the Android maker on equal footing as Apple when it comes to controlling both the hardware and software of their smartphone platform.


Google co-founder and CEO Larry Page announced the buy first thing this morning, saying that they had purchased Motorola Mobility for twelve and a half billion dollars, or $  [Read More…]