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SONY Ericsson announces global Android 2.3.4 update roll-out


Nearly a month ago SONY Ericsson announced their latest Android 2.3.4 update for nearly a dozen phones, but it only included a few countries in northern Europe. Since then, SE has added in even more tweaks and upgrades and is finally ready for a global Android 2.3.4 roll-out.

SONY Ericsson’s phones will get all the traditional benefits of Android 2.3.4 which Google baked in (think Google Talk Video Chat), but SE has  [Read More…]

Android 2.3.4 update beginning to roll out for Xperia Arc

Android Central

A new software update for the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc is rolling out in Europe and the Middle East, according to reports from Xperia Blog and XDA. The new software version 4.0.2.A.0.42 brings Android 2.3.4, along with a handful of bug fixes for SE’s Gingerbread-powered 4.2-incher.

The update isn’t yet available in the UK, but seems to now be rolling out via the Sony Ericsson PC Companion in mainland Europe, India, Pakistan  [Read More…]

Droid Incredible 2 Receives Android 2.3.4

Droid Incredible 2 is one of Verizon’s top of the line Android phones and while it was updated to Gingerbread back in July, it has been stuck on the older version up until today. A software update is being pushed out by Verizon to bring the Droid Incredible 2 to Android 2.3.4. and even though it is a minor update, it appeases the masses who want to make sure their  [Read More…]

Droid Incredible 2 Android 2.3.4 update now available

Droid Incredible 2

Have yourself a Droid Incredible 2 and wondering when it will see Android 2.3.4? Well, wonder no more. It looks as though the latest software update for the device is now pushing out. Word from the forums is that it is a 32MB file and upon installation you will be asked to go ahead and reboot your phone. Changes? Not many but they are listed for us:

Improved server connections for  [Read More…]

One click root for Motorola Droid Bionic and other Moto phones running Android 2.3.4

Droid root

Just picked up your Motorola Droid Bionic, eh?  After you’ve got it charged and ready to roll, for many the next step will be to root it and strip out the loads of carrier bloat Verizon so kindly supplies.  That will be a simple affair thanks to Pete Souza and his one-click Motorola Root Tools. The Bionic and any other Motorola phone running the 2.3.4 version of Gingerbread (like the Droid  [Read More…]

For Galaxy S II Owners : Leaked Android 2.3.4

If You Have a Samsung Galaxy S II, then now you can enjoy Android 2.3.4 Leaked Version. This version is exclusively for Galaxy S II. You can install this leaked version until the official one is released.

Android 2.3.4 is a bit diffrent from Android 2.3 GingerBread. It has two new features like Voice Calling and Google Talk Video Calling. Her’s What you have to do to install the leaked Android 2.3.4 on your Samsung Galaxy S II. Step 1: First you will  [Read More…]

Android 2.3.4 Confirmed Bringing Google Talk Video Calling To Nexus S. OTA Roll-Out In Next Few Weeks

We first heard yesterday about the possibility of Google’s Android 2.3.4 bringing video calling to the Nexus S, thanks to a tweet from a supposed Samsung employee. Now Google has confirmed that this is indeed the case, and the update will arrive in the ‘next few weeks’.

Along with bringing video chat to the Nexus S, the update will be laden with bug fixes for the ageing Nexus One  [Read More…]