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CES 2021 is slated to be an in-person event in Las Vegas

Planning for CES 2021 is underway.

What you need to know CES 2021 is slated to go ahead as usual in Las Vegas next year. Despite several high-profile tech conferences being canceled this year, CES is scheduled to be an in-person event. The tech showcase’s organizers are emphasizing their focus on everyone’s safety as they begin preparing for what is often dubbed the largest tech trade show of the year.

As the pandemic rages on, and even  [Read More…]

BlizzCon 2020 canceled with a possible replacement event coming early 2021

The annual event for all things Blizzard won’t be held this year.

What you need to know BlizzCon, Blizzard Entertainment’s annual event, won’t be held in 2020. This decision was reached after Blizzard evaluated the state of the world with the ongoing pandemic. There may however be a replacement event sometime in early 2021.

Another big event in 2020 is being canceled. Today, Blizzard Entertainment announced that BlizzCon 2020 is canceled due to the the state of  [Read More…]

Kerbal Space Program 2 delayed, now set to release in Fall 2021

It’ll be a while longer before you can prep the rockets.

What you need to know Kerbal Space Program 2 was announced at Gamescom 2019. The game was originally scheduled to release in 2020. It has now been delayed to sometime in Fall 2021.

Kerbal Space Program 2 was first announced back at Gamescom 2019, as part of the Opening Night Live at Gamescom 2019. Originally scheduled to release in 2020, it’s being pushed back, as the  [Read More…]

Justice League will gets its Snyder Cut on HBO Max in 2021

You wanted it, you’re going to get it. Next year. On a premium network.

The rumors were true. An actual, honest-to-go Justice League Snyder Cut will actually see the light of day. Zack Snyder — director of the original Man of Steel and who first helmed Justice League before having to hand off post-production due to the death of his daughter — confirmed as much today in the middle of a live commentary he was doing with Henry Cavil.

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Trump extends trade ban on Huawei and ZTE through May 2021

Huawei won’t be able to launch new phones with Google services for at least another year.

What you need to know President Donald Trump has extended his executive order that bans U.S. companies from using telecommunications equipment made by firms that pose a national security risk. The extension means Huawei and ZTE will not be able to sell their telecommunications equipment in the U.S. or trade with American firms until May 2021. Huawei’s Android license will also  [Read More…]

Pixel phones in 2021 could be powered by Google’s custom 5nm chipset

A new report from Axios suggests Google is working on custom chipsets that could end up in the 2021 Pixel lineup.

What you need to know Google is said to have made “significant progress” in developing its own chipset. The chipset is codenamed Whitechapel, and is set to power Pixel phones as early as next year. Google is said to be teaming up with Samsung over the manufacture of the chipset on the foundry’s 5nm node.

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E3 2020 digital experience won’t be happening, E3 2021 dates revealed

The dates for E3 2021 have reportedly been set, but there won’t be an online experience this year.

What you need to know E3 2020 was canceled due to the outbreak of COVID-19. A “reimagined” event will take place next year. The ESA has reportedly canceled plans of an online-only version of E3 2020.

After E3 2020 was canceled due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and the subsequent consequences of it, the ESA has reportedly set dates  [Read More…]

FCC orders all carriers to implement anti-robocall technology by June 2021

A few major carriers have already started using STIR/SHAKEN to authenticate calls.

What you need to know The U.S. FCC has instructed all carriers and phone companies to implement the STIR/SHAKEN protocol by June next year to combat the robocall menace. STIR/SHAKEN will help lessen the effectiveness of illegal spoofing and enable carriers to identify illegally spoofed caller ID info even before the calls reach subscribers. American consumers reportedly lose $ 10 billion annually to fraudulent robocall  [Read More…]

Ubisoft has five big games coming by March 2021, including Watch Dogs Legio

After major delays last year, Ubisoft has a high outlook for the end of the year.

What you need to know Ubisoft has released its Q3 earnings report. The company is planning to release five AAA games by March 2021, including Watch Dogs: Legion, Gods & Monsters and Rainbow Six: Quarantine. Skull & Bones will not be one of these five games. You can preorder Watch Dogs: Legion on PlayStation 4 for $ 50 at Amazon.

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LG says its smartphone business will turn profitable by the end of 2021

The company hasn’t shared any specifics on how the turnaround will happen.

What you need to know LG Electronics is hopeful that its struggling smartphone division will turn profitable by the end of next year. The company says it will expand its mobile lineup with new devices with some “wow factors.” In Q3 2019, LG’s smartphone division posted a loss of $ 135 million.

LG’s smartphone business, which has been in the red for quite a long  [Read More…]