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Yes, Supernatural VR is absolutely worth the subscription cost

This is so much more than a Beat Saber clone.

For the last week of my life, I have started and ended each day the same way. I’m dripping in sweat, every inch of me is sore, and I have a huge smile on my face. I’m using a VR fitness app called Supernatural, something that feels simultaneously unique and familiar as I put my hands through the Oculus Quest controller straps and get ready for another  [Read More…]

If you absolutely must have an Android tablet, this is the one to buy

Google has made a lot of really great things we all use every day. One place where it has struggled is making great software for tablets. Android works well enough, but between things looking stretched out or just not compatible with big display means things just aren’t done as well as you find on an iPad or Amazon Kindle Fire HD. Doing this stuff is hard. Very hard.

With that out of the way, we know that there are plenty  [Read More…]

Hand tracking on Oculus Quest is absolutely brilliant

This is the real deal, and it’s going to change how you use Quest.

I’m standing in the middle of a magical laboratory, complete with glowing rocks and bubbling coundrons, and all I have to do is stand still and not poke the eyeball. The disembodied voice was very clear about not touching the eyeball, but it’s right there you know? It’s looking at me, sitting in the cavity of this chest like a lock. I give  [Read More…]

The Amber Sunrise Huawei P30 Pro is absolutely stunning

I don’t like to sound hyperbolic, but the Amber Sunrise variant of the Huawei P30 series is one of the best-looking phones I’ve ever used. Just look at it.

The P30 and P30 Pro are, on their own, pretty nice-looking devices. I’m partial to the Breathing Crystal color, though the name is laughably bad, and the Aurora blue, which glints approvingly in the light, but the Amber Sunrise variant is something else entirely. Maybe because it’s a color  [Read More…]

One thing Amazon absolutely fixed with the new Fire TV Alexa Voice Remote

The previous Amazon Fire TV Voice Remote was lacking any sort of volume or power controls. The new Alexa Voice Remote rectifies that.

Wherein we commend Amazon for doing what we wanted it to do months ago.

You had to know it was coming. The only real question is why it took so long.

Amazon has announced a new Fire TV Voice Remote. And unlike every other remote control it’s released until now (OK, that’s  [Read More…]

Cyberpunk 2077 absolutely blew us away — here’s why

At Gamescom 2018, we saw Cyberpunk 2077 in action for the first time. And we spent the hours following the presentation utterly dumbfounded. What an incredible ride.

CD Projekt RED is responsible for crafting what is arguably this generation’s best game, in the form of The Witcher 3. The Witcher 3, at the time, featured some truly unprecedented world building, visuals, and writing, with stellar third-person swordsmanship combat and piles of RPG layers on top for good  [Read More…]

The Xiaomi Mi A1 looks absolutely stunning in red

The red Mi A1 is the best variant of an already great phone.

Five months after its release, the Xiaomi Mi A1 continues to be the best budget phone you can buy in India. Its combination of styling, internal hardware, dual rear cameras, and Android One underpinnings give it a distinct leg up over other devices in this segment.

Xiaomi initially launched the Mi A1 in gold and black color options and added a rose gold model  [Read More…]

Try out DirecTV Now for a month at absolutely no cost to you

If you’ve been looking to make the move to streaming all of your media, including your television shows, this may be the promotion for you. Right now, DirecTV is offering a free one-month trial of its DirecTV Now service when you use the coupon code RULESFREE9. The normal free trial period is only 7 days. You can sign up for any of the packages, including the most expensive options, and still get the first month for free.

DirecTV  [Read More…]

OnePlus has absolutely spoiled me: Every Android should have an ‘Alert Slider’

Such a simple addition makes a world of difference in usability.

There’s clearly a lot about the OnePlus 3 that impresses me. It’s fantastically built, offers great performance, has a solid camera and perhaps best of all undercuts flagship competition by hundreds of dollars. And though the OnePlus 3 doesn’t offer as many whiz-bang features as the competition, it does have one that no other phone has: its Alert Slider.

Yes, that little three-stage switch on  [Read More…]

B&O Play’s new $249 Bluetooth speaker looks absolutely gorgeous

B&O Play has a new Bluetooth speaker called the BeoPlay A1. The $ 249 speaker is the vendor’s smallest to date, but it comes with a battery that lasts all day and has a built-in microphone that allows you to take calls. While there are several Bluetooth speakers in this segment that offer similar capabilities, the A1’s design is its differentiator. Like all B&O Play’s products, the A1 looks gorgeous, sporting an aluminium dome with perforations for the speaker grille  [Read More…]