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Make the Google Assistant more accessible with Action Blocks

Whether you want to set up some simple automations for an elderly family member, help out a friend with cognitive disabilities, or you just want to make an “easy button” for your mom to turn on her smart lights, Google’s Action Blocks are here to the rescue. We’ll show you how to enable the app and quickly create Action Blocks that can serve as useful shortcuts for Google Assistant tasks.

Products used in this guide Easy automator: Google  [Read More…]

Google’s new braille keyboard makes typing more accessible on Android

Android is about to get a lot more helpful for the visually impaired.

What you need to know Google has created a new braille keyboard directly integrated into Android. The aim is to make typing on Android easier for people with limited vision and mitigate if not remove entirely the need for external hardware. The keyboard is available now for Android users running Lollipop and above.

Google is making typing on Android more accessible to sight-impaired users  [Read More…]

The $7 CyberPower six-outlet wall tap can make hidden plugs accessible again

Use every outlet you have. Even the annoying inaccessible ones.

The CyberPower six-outlet swivel grounded wall tap is only $ 6.78 on Amazon. This wall tap was selling as high as $ 13 last year and has been selling for around $ 9 for most of this year. The drop to $ 6.78 is the lowest we’ve ever seen.

This simple device turns two grounded wall outlets into six outlets. Not only that, but the outlets can  [Read More…]

Twitter makes images more accessible for visually impaired people

Twitter has announced a change for its Android and iOS apps that will make photos more accessible to people who are visually impaired. People who add photos to their tweets will soon be able to add alternative text that describes the images they add for those who can’t see them, and descriptions themselves can be 420 characters long.

From Twitter:

Enable this feature by using the compose image descriptions option in the Twitter app’s accessibility  [Read More…]

Google Play Movies soon will be accessible offline for Chrome OS

We’re keeping an eye on the Google-Intel Chrome OS livestream, and this little nugget just dropped:

Google Play Movies will be available offline on Chrome OS later this year.

That’ll help with the major criticism with Chrome OS — that the web browser-turned laptop becomes all but useless without an Internet connection. That’s never been 100 percent true, of course, but neither is it completely false. And being able to watch movies offline is a huge step  [Read More…]

Android is more accessible to blind and low-vision users thanks to AT&T

The touchscreen smartphone revolution has enhanced practically every aspect of our lives, but it has left some people behind. AT&T has released a new application designed to bring the visually-impaired into the fold and make Android smartphones more accessible.

TalkAndroid spotted an announcement on the AT&T Mobile Accessibility Lite, a new set of tools that make it easier for AT&T customers who are blind  [Read More…]