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Google warns against installing Android 11 DP4 on phones running June patch

To install DP4 on your device, you will have to flash the DP4 system image instead.

What you need to know Google has warned users against sideloading Android 11 Developer Preview 4 on devices running the Android 10 June 2020 update. If your Pixel phone is running the June 2020 patch, you will have to flash the Android 11 DP4 factory image instead. While the exact reason hasn’t been specified, Google says doing so could “cause device  [Read More…]

Facebook employees publicly revolt against the company’s political stance

Facebook employees now wonder if they are the baddies.

What you need to know Facebook employees have come out to publicly criticize Zuckerberg’s handling of a Donald Trump post last week. Employees have also staged a virtual workout in protest and in solidarity with protestors across the U.S. Zuckerberg has promised to donate an additional $ 10 million to nonprofits tackling racial justice.

Facebook employees are openly revolting against CEO Marck Zuckerberg over the company’s decision to  [Read More…]

Following new Huawei attack, China mulling moves against Apple and Qualcomm

The Chinese government is considering both restrictions on, and investigations against, U.S. companies operating in China.

What you need to know China is mulling over retaliatory measures against the U.S., following its move to cut off Huawei’s access to crucial semiconductor suppliers. Reports suggest it’s considering launching investigations against U.S. companies. Apple, Boeing, Cisco, and Qualcomm have all been named as potential targets.

The trade war between the U.S. and China may be slated to become far  [Read More…]

The Justice Department is likely to file antitrust charges against Google

The investigation is on track to be wrapped up by fall.

What you need to know An antitrust investigation against Google in the U.S. might lead to a lawsuit in the fall. The investigation started out as a probe into Google’s online advertising business but later delved into its Search and Android operations. A Google spokeswoman confirms the companies continued cooperation with law enforcement, but could not comment on potential results.

Google may be facing a lawsuit  [Read More…]

This new Family edition of Cards Against Humanity is free to download

The popular card game Cards Against Humanity is now hitting the table for family game night with its new Family Edition. Originally planned for reveal on store shelves this coming fall 2020, the company now offers the game for free on its website. This move comes in light of social distancing keeping families at home during the past few weeks, and it’s sure to bring some family-appropriate fun to your household unlike any version of Cards Against Humanity that’s come  [Read More…]

The Indian government is the latest to come out against ‘unsafe’ Zoom

It’s asking all staff to avoid using the app for official business.

What you need to know The Indian government has issued an advisory to its employees, declaring the app ‘unsafe.’ Another government report also warned of significant weakness in the app that made it vulnerable to cyber-attacks. This follows similar moves by Google and various governmental agencies from Taiwan, the U.K., Singapore, and Germany.

After lucking out as the app of choice for video calls during  [Read More…]

Leaks show how the Honor 30’s camera stacks up against the Galaxy S20 Ultra

The camera sensor is made by Sony.

What you need to know A leaked presentation slide shows how the upcoming Honor 30 compares to the Galaxy S20 Ultra in the camera department. Its Sony-made sensor is 1/1.3″ large, similar to the Samsung’s phone 1/1.33″ sensor. The pixel size on the Honor is also 1.2µm, which should give it an advantage in low-light photography.

With the Honor 30S set to release in just five days, we’re getting some  [Read More…]

Guard against shady content with eero Secure safe browsing

If you are debating which mesh Wi-Fi system to get for your home, I highly recommend the eero lineup. Not only does eero have quality routers and an easy-to-use app, but it also has some additional services that you may find extremely valuable, such as the eero Secure and Secure+ subscriptions. One of the most useful features here is the ability to limit the content and exposure to devices and individuals on your network, including delivering a measure  [Read More…]

Google warns users against sideloading its apps on Huawei devices

Huawei’s latest phones are considered “uncertified” for Google Play Protect.

What you need to know In a new post, Google’s Legal Director for Android and Google Play warned users against sideloading Google’s apps on Huawei’s latest phones. He noted that Huawei’s latest phones were not Play Protect certified, and sideloading Google Mobile Services could pose a security threat. Huawei phones launched before May 16, 2019 will continue to be supported, however.

Following its addition to the U.S.  [Read More…]

Motorola has ‘full confidence’ in RAZR display, even against extreme cold

Despite one unit showing damage from the cold, Motorola has “full confidence” in the RAZR display.

What you need to know Input recently reported on damage to the display of its Motorola RAZR within the first week of using it. The author surmised that the peeling damage was caused by the colder temperatures. Motorola has issued a statement that the RAZR “underwent extreme temperature testing” and that it has “full confidence” in the display.

When Samsung first  [Read More…]