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YouTube Music now lets you pre-save unreleased albums

Spotify and Apple Music also offer a similar feature.

What you need to know YouTube Music will now let users pre-save unreleased albums to their libraries. Some tracks which have already been released as EPs or singles can be downloaded and played as part of an unreleased album. Rival streaming services, Spotify and Apple Music offer this as well.

Google has added a slightly new feature to YouTube Music, the ability to pre-save unreleased albums to your  [Read More…]

Google makes it easier to share albums with Photos

Google earlier brought this direct sharing first to Photos for individual images in late 2019.

What you need to know Google introduced direct sharing for pictures Photos last year, now it’s making it available for Albums. Google Photos users will be able to share albums directly to other Google user accounts. Google says the feature is rolling out this week.

Last year, Google introduced a new direct sharing feature for Google Photos. With direct sharing, users could  [Read More…]

YouTube Music finally gains the ability to sort albums and playlists

The ability to sort albums and playlists isn’t available on the YouTube Music web client yet.

What you need to know YouTube Music finally lets users sort albums and playlists by alphabetical or reverse alphabetical order. Until now, YouTube Music only supported sorting albums and playlists in a reverse chronological order. The ability is now available on both the Android and iOS YouTube Music apps.

Google has finally added the much needed ability to sort albums and  [Read More…]

How to manage existing albums, and create new albums with Google Photos

Google Photos puts control of your photos in your own hands.

Google Photos makes accessing and sharing your photos from one place easier than ever. That isn’t all it’s here to do here, it also works very hard to organize all of your photos into albums, and easily manage who can see which photos. These albums let you easily share important moments with friends, as well as keeping more private moments for your eyes only.

Create a  [Read More…]

Google Photos will now help you make new albums after a trip

Google Photos is rolling out an update that is designed to make it easier to put recent images in new albums. Now, when you return from an event or trip, Photos will suggest new albums from photos you took to commemorate those events.

Google says:

Starting today, after an event or trip, Google Photos will suggest a new album for you, curated with just your best shots. It’ll also add maps to show  [Read More…]

Shared albums make their way to Google Photos

Google has announced that it is starting to roll out shared albums to Google Photos, making it even easier to share your favorite memories with others. The feature, which was previously announced back in September, allows you to send links to albums or images over SMS, email, and other messaging apps and have the receiving party be able to collaborate with you.

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Google Play Store has lots of music albums on sale for the end of 2014

Music lovers who also own Android and iOS devices should be happy that the Google Play Store is currently running a sale for the end of 2014. It has some deep discounts on a bunch of albums, a couple of which are just $ 1.99 each.

Google Play Store now tells you when albums are in All Access

One of the many cool things to come from Google’s Material Design update to the Play Store app, which now features big beautiful images and colorful icons when you select just about anything, is a huge deal for All Access subscribers. After this update hits your phone or tablet, you’ll be able to check and see if an album is a part of your All Access subscription thanks to this single line toward the bottom of  [Read More…]

Amazon reportedly close to launching Prime music streaming service with hand-picked albums

Amazon may be the latest entrant into the streaming music business, and could be adding the feature to its $ 99 per year Prime service as early as next month. According to sources of BuzzFeed, Amazon has locked up deals with two of the big three music labels (Universal Music Group is on the fence) to launch a music streaming service that would be included at no extra cost with your Amazon Prime subscription.

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Google Music Blowout: $4.99 albums and 49-cent songs

Google Music Blowout: $ 4.99 albums and 49-cent songs

Music lovers in the United States can get to work populating their new Google Music library now that Google has started a limited-time sale on practically the entire catalogue. Beginning today and running for an undisclosed period, the  [Read More…]