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How to customize the alert slider on the OnePlus 8

One of OnePlus devices’ more unique traits is the alert slider resting above the power button. This slider lets you instantly switch between Silent, Vibration, and Ring sound profiles to change how your phone handles notifications without ever needing to look at your screen. It’s incredibly convenient, and OxygenOS gives you a few options to customize just how those sound profiles work.

How to customize the alert slider

The alert slider lets you change your sound profile on  [Read More…]

California gets its first real alert through Earthquake Early Warning app

Well, 40 people got the warning…

What you need to know California residents have received their first-ever real earthquake alert. The alert went out via the MyShake app, for an earthquake in Parkfield, CA. More than 40 people received the alert about 1 second before it hit.

A select number of California residents have received the first-ever public alert through the app MyShake, a statewide Earthquake Early Warning System.

As reported by LA Times, the alert was  [Read More…]

Some Google Maps users are getting an off-route alert for taxis

The new feature has only been spotted in India so far.

What you need to know The new off-route feature will alert you when your driver goes more than 500m off course. So far the new feature has only been spotted being tested in India. Google Maps has added the option to see speed cameras and a speedometer recently as well.

Google is testing a new feature for Maps which could save you some money or even  [Read More…]

How to use the alert slider in OxygenOS on the OnePlus 6

How do I use the alert slider on my OnePlus phone?

OnePlus has a knack for leaving the best parts of Android alone while adding small conveniences here and there, and that’s not just true of its software. Ever since the OnePlus 2, a small alert slider has resided above the volume buttons on every OnePlus device, and it’s easily become one of the company’s most unique and useful features.

Similar to the iPhone‘s hardware switch, OnePlus’s  [Read More…]

Google Search will now alert users to pollen levels

Google Search will now integrate pollen forecasts.

Google Search has long been able to alert users of various weather conditions, from thunderstorms to flash foods and and everything in between. One more weather condition will be available for search starting today.

Google has announced that users will be able to search for pollen levels near their location. I tried this on my OnePlus 3T by searching for both “pollen levels” and “pollen forecast.” All this  [Read More…]

Spoiler Alert! If you’re using a Note 7 ROM, you’re going to get Note 7 notifications

No, Samsung is not collecting your ROM’d phones.

Samsung’s recall of the Note 7 means two things — lots of people curious about whether their phone might be next, and lots of misinformation about how Samsung is handling the recall. We’ve seen reports claiming Samsung will send kill signals to phones, claims that Samsung has been monitoring existing Note 7 users, and now claims that Samsung is pulling phones running Note 7 software.

The one thing  [Read More…]

OnePlus has absolutely spoiled me: Every Android should have an ‘Alert Slider’

Such a simple addition makes a world of difference in usability.

There’s clearly a lot about the OnePlus 3 that impresses me. It’s fantastically built, offers great performance, has a solid camera and perhaps best of all undercuts flagship competition by hundreds of dollars. And though the OnePlus 3 doesn’t offer as many whiz-bang features as the competition, it does have one that no other phone has: its Alert Slider.

Yes, that little three-stage switch on  [Read More…]

Straw can now alert you when polls you voted on close

Social polling app Straw has received some notification improvements courtesy of its latest update. Specifically, users will now see a button to request notifications for their favorite StrawCast topics when they’ve run out of polls to vote on. Users can also now get notifications when polls they’ve voted on close.

Here’s the full breakdown of what’s new in the latest update to Straw:

StrawCast automatically loads more polls when you reach the end of the list Request  [Read More…]

Yahoo Weather will now alert you to approaching rain

Yahoo Weather has been updated, adding new weather alerts to make sure you never get caught in the rain. The app’s new alerts will tell you 15 minutes before rain or snow is expected to start so you can be prepared.