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The Wi-Fi Alliance is expanding into the 6 GHz spectrum with Wi-Fi 6E

It’ll allow for more users and more Wi-Fi networks in the same place.

What you need to know Regulators around the world may be opening up the 6GHz band to use by Wi-Fi devices. As a result, the Wi-Fi Alliance is introducing the Wi-Fi 6E branding for devices capable of operating in this spectrum. The change will allow for 14 additional 80 MHz channels and 7 additional 160 MHz channels, according to the Alliance.

If better, faster,  [Read More…]

Z-Wave sees the need to open up as Zigbee Alliance gains partners

Silicon Labs, the producer of Z-Wave radios, is opening up parts of the standard to better compete in the internet of things realm.

What you need to know Zigbee and Z-Wave are the two primary standards for smart home devices. Up until today, only one company had provided all of the chips for Z-Wave radios. Zigbee Alliance, along with Google, Amazon, and Apple, joined forces to create a new connectivity standard for smart home products on December  [Read More…]

Google’s App Defense Alliance teams up to fight malware on Android

Will they be enough to defend against Ransomware and the Legion of Blling Fraud?

What you need to know Google has formed the “App Defense Alliance.” ESET, Lookout, and Zimperium are all part of the new group. The goal of the Alliance is to further combat malware on Android.

Google will partner with three mobile security software makers to improve its ability to catch malware on Android. The new App Defense Alliance will bring Google together with  [Read More…]

Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance partners with Google to fix infotainment

We should start seeing the results of this deal in 2021.

It’s no secret that the various dashboards and infotainment consoles in cars are almost universally bad, plagued with clunky software and laggy performance. Android Auto tackled this problem by letting your phone take over the in-car display, but it’s hard to beat a system that just works on its own.

That’s why Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, the largest automotive alliance in the world whose member companies sold over 10  [Read More…]

Wi-Fi Alliance announces EasyMesh, Qualcomm promises support for WPA3

EasyMesh will allow mesh routers from different brands to communicate with each other.

W-Fi is a crucial part of what allows our digital world to keep spinning, and today, the Wi-Fi Alliance announced a brand-new standard to ensure it’s as easy-to-use as can be — EasyMesh.

Mesh Wi-Fi systems like Google Wifi and Eero are becoming increasingly more popular, and with EasyMesh, hardware from different brands will be able to work with one another.

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WiFi Alliance certifies the HTC One X9, launch coming in 2016

Anyone hoping that the rumored HTC One X9 would launch in 2015 will be disappointed to hear that the phone isn’t expected to be unveiled until next year. @LlabTooFeR revealed this new information along with a link to the phone’s WiFi certification document, which was granted to the One X9 back on September 15th. The document doesn’t confirm or deny any of the rumors that we’ve seen do far, but it does reveal that the HTC One X9 will come with a,  [Read More…]

Wireless charging groups A4WP and PMA come under one banner as AirFuel Alliance

After announcing plans to merge earlier this year, the Alliance For Wireless Power (A4WP) and Power Matters Alliance (PMA) have come together under one name: AirFuel Alliance.

LG ready for Android Auto, joins Open Automotive Alliance

LG has announced more formally their membership in the Open Automotive Alliance, which will be setting the groundwork for Android Auto. LG intends to build a range of audio, visual, and navigation products to plug into the car, which will be available by 2015. The system can plug your phone into the car with a single cable to enable access to navigation apps, contacts, voice calls, and text messages through the car display.

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Updates, or lack thereof, on the Android Update Alliance


At this year’s Google I/O to much excitement in the crowd (and, no doubt, the thousands watching online), Google announced the Android Update Alliance. This partnership between Google, manufacturers and carriers set the noble goal of keeping Android devices updated in a timely manner for a duration of at least eighteen months.

Details were scarce at the time of the announcement, however. We were given a list of  [Read More…]