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Chrome OS now supports Netflix’s PiP, Ambient EQ

Ambient EQ is making an entrance first on the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook.

What you need to know Google has spotlighted two new Chrome OS features coming this month. The operating system now supports Ambient EQ, allowing for adaptive displays that adjust color temperature and white balance based on the environment. Netflix’s Picture-in-Picture mode also now works on Chromebooks via the Android app.

Google has announced two new features that are ready for Chrome OS users this month.  [Read More…]

OnePlus phones are now receiving Google Assistant’s Ambient Mode

Google Assistant in Ambient Mode turns your phone into a smart display when it’s being charged.

What you need to know Google Assistant’s Ambient Mode is now rolling out to all OnePlus devices. The feature turns your phone into a smart display, letting you control smart home lights and much more. The rollout will be staged, with OnePlus noting that everyone should receive the feature in a week’s time.

Right now, OnePlus’ OxygenOS is the software experience  [Read More…]

Google details Assistant’s new Ambient Mode ahead of imminent rollout

The Assistant’s Ambient Mode feature was first showcased by Google at IFA 2019 in September.

What you need to know Google has shown off the Assistant’s new Ambient Mode feature for Android smartphones in a new video. Ambient Mode will be activated when your Android device is plugged into a charger. The feature is expected to begin rolling out next week and will be available on select Android devices from Sony, Nokia, Xiaomi, and Lenovo.

Google had  [Read More…]

Google is going all in on ambient computing in 2019

From earbuds to home routers to smartphones, Google is allowing you to access its “helpful” services everywhere, all the time.

At the Google I/O 2019 keynote event, CEO Sundar Pichai explained Google’s mission when it comes to hardware products by saying “They all share a single goal: to be helpful, so we can be there for you big and small over the course of your day.” At the Made by Google 2019 Event, Google Senior Vice President  [Read More…]

Google Assistant gets new ‘Ambient Mode’ for phones and tablets

The Assistant is also coming to a bunch of new headphones and speakers.

What you need to know A new Ambient Mode for the Google Assistant turns your phone/tablet into a makeshift Smart Display. Google’s bringing the Assistant to more headphones, from brands like JBL, Bose, and others. The Assistant is also expanding to speakers and soundbars.

Among all of the hardware announcements coming out of IFA 2019, Google’s using the event to talk about some software  [Read More…]

The $48 Philips Hue Bloom LED smart lamp adds ambient light to your room

Smart lighting for every part of the house.

The Philips Hue Bloom Dimmable LED smart table lamp is down to $ 47.89 on Amazon. That price is more than $ 12 off the street price and the lowest it has reached this year. This matches an all-time low.

The sale on the Bloom is part of a much larger sale on Philips Hue products in general. You can save tons of money on starter kits, bulbs, and  [Read More…]

Chromecast upgrades its ambient mode

One of the best things to watch when you’re not watching video just got even better.

When it comes to using your TV as a bit of an art piece, Chromecast is right up there — especially when it comes to customization. And now it’s got a new ambient mode that allows for even more options, and more control — and an even better experience. Here’s what’s up:

Within the Google Home app (you’ll need the most recent update  [Read More…]

Essential Home is set to take on Google Home and Amazon Echo with ambient intelligence

This space is getting a little more crowded.

Alongside its first phone, Essential is also unveiling the Essential Home — a clear direct competitor to the likes of Google Home and Amazon Echo. Though it’s tough to get a sense of scale from a simple product page with a few images, the Essential Home looks relatively compact and sleek. Rounded and smooth, the top surface is cut at an angle and shows off a large circular display that you  [Read More…]

How Android Wear and Ambient Display can decrease your phone’s battery drain

Every time you wake your phone is important, and there are ways to control your behaviors every day.

One of the most common explanations for why things like Android Wear and Always-On displays are useful is the way it decreases the number of times users wake their phones for something trivial. Research shows the average active user wakes their phone 150 times every day, frequently to do little more than check the time or glance at  [Read More…]

Google Play Services 8.1 brings app invites, ambient mode maps and more for developers

With the rollout of Google Play Services 8.1 complete, Google has outlined the changes for developers to help them get their apps ready to make full use of it. Included in Play Services 8.1 is a number of new features and functionality, some of which you may visually see integrated into your favorite apps, and others come as behind the scenes changes.

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