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Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro review: Outstanding 108MP camera, annoying software

Xiaomi delivers its best phone yet, but MIUI gremlins from years past continue to plague the Mi 10 Pro.

Xiaomi knows how to make a good phone; after all, it is the fourth-largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. But the brand owes its success to the entry-level and budget segments, where it is dominant. Xiaomi also makes flagships in the Mi and the Mi Mix lineups, with the Mi phones in particular aimed at the value flagship  [Read More…]

How to turn off that annoying key tone on PS4

Do you hate that annoying key tone on your PlayStation 4? Whenever you scroll through anything, in all PS4 menus, there’s a quick chime to indicate the item you’ve selected on screen before moving between tiles. It’s an audio cue that helps you navigate the homescreen more easily, but it can be bothersome for many users. Luckily, there is a way to turn it off if it becomes annoying without actually muting everything.

How to turn off the  [Read More…]

Chrome 80 will help tame those annoying notification requests

The web is about to become a little less annoying.

What you need to know Chrome will introduce a new, quieter way to handle notification requests from websites starting with version 80. Users will be able to opt-in manually to the quieter notifications, or in some cases will be automatically enrolled. If you don’t feel like waiting for Chrome 80 to try it out, you can enable it in Chrome’s experimental features in version 79.

In the  [Read More…]

PSA: Update WhatsApp immediately to avoid this annoying bug

The bug was fixed in a September build, but if you haven’t updated the app since, you’re still vulnerable.

What you need to know WhatsApp users are advised to update the app to the latest version right away to avoid falling victim to a nasty bug. A specially formatted text sent in a group chat could cause the app to crash completely. The only remedy at that point is to delete the app from your phone and  [Read More…]

How to stop those annoying Galaxy Store notifications on Samsung phones

The notification shade is for useful information, not your terrible ads.

Having the Galaxy Store installed on your Galaxy phone alongside the Play Store isn’t ideal, but it’s the only way to update some of your phone’s core services. What isn’t necessary at all are its notifications, which can be useful sometimes but are often just promotional pushes you may not care about. You can turn off the notifications for the app entirely, though, and it only  [Read More…]

Block annoying robocallers with Call Control Premium for just $20

According to The Verge, robocallers annoyed Americans with over 26 billion spam calls last year. That’s an insane number which goes to give you an idea of the scale at which telemarketers and scam artists are exploiting these technology. Fortunately, there’s a way to fight back!

Give robocallers the boot with a one-year subscription to Call Control Premium! Learn More

Call Control Premium is a call blocking service that crowdsources its database of spam phone numbers  [Read More…]

Android Oreo’s annoying ‘app is using battery’ notification is gone in Android P

Thank goodness.

In Android Oreo, Google introduced a new way to “shame” apps, for lack of a better term, that were running in the background unnecessarily and draining your phone’s battery. The goal was to give a persistent notification that said “[app] is using battery” whenever that app was running in the background without actually providing anything to you, in hopes that you would track down the issue and stop it … at least, that was the  [Read More…]

Facebook now lets you snooze annoying posts from your friends for 30 days

Also works with Pages and groups.

Facebook is one of the best ways for staying in touch with friends and family members, but as anyone who jumps on the service from time to time knows, there are always those people that don’t know when to stop posting. Whether they’re re-sharing countless videos or refuse to keep quiet during an election season, Facebook’s got your back with a new snooze option.

If there’s a friend, group, or Page  [Read More…]

Best tricks to fix YouTube’s most annoying features

YouTube is a simple service with a lot of not-so-simple problems to it.

It’s easy for YouTube to frustrate users because beneath the cat videos and endless comment sections are a lot of features that can really make or break your experience. You thought you turned off Autoplay, but it still seems to be turned on when you’re showing your family videos on the TV. You get notifications when people across the house are casting. Why? And  [Read More…]

Action Launcher’s December update fixes Android 7.1’s most annoying feature

More great stuff from Action Launcher.

Action Launcher, our favorite Android launcher replacement, has received its monthly update, and while December’s isn’t quite as noteworthy as some in the past, it’s still got a bunch of great additions.

Specifically, developer Chris Lacy has added, in alpha, badge counts for certain apps, allowing users to check how many unread texts, emails or missed calls they have. According to Lacy, the feature was one often requested over the  [Read More…]