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Google might just let anybody buy Google Glass in one-day promotion

Google will soon open up their Google Glass Explorers program to anyone in the United States for a very limited time. The expansion could start as soon as Tuesday, April 15. This is not intended as the consumer launch of Glass, and the program will only be open to the public for about a day. Google will apparently throw in one of their Glass accessories with the purchase, according to The Verge:

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RIM shows how easy it is to port Android apps to BlackBerry; does anybody really care?

RIM BlackBerry

RIM has been touting upcoming Android app compatibility on the PlayBook for quite some time now. We’ve seen demos and they’ve made announcements, but the process has – for the most part – been shrouded in confusion. Today, RIM cleared some of that confusion up by posting a video detailing just how easy it is to port Android apps to BlackBerry.

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