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Prisma: Blank notification appearing after using the app? Here’s the fix!

If you’re seeing an empty Prisma notification that you can’t swipe away, you’re not alone. Fortunately there’s an easy fix.

As Prisma for Android becomes more popular, a handful of bugs in the AI-enabled photo app are starting to emerge. One of the most confusing glitches has to do with an empty notification that’ll show up in your notification after using the app. On most versions of Android it’s not obvious which app is creating the  [Read More…]

New Moto 360 starts appearing on some wrists in the Chicago area

The Moto 360 is due for a refresh, and we have already seen it leak and even get teased by Motorola itself. Now, folks are reporting spotting the watch on the wrist of some lucky folks in Chicago, the hometown of Motorola’s headquarters. With the original Moto 360 approaching the one year mark, it’s likely that Motorola is readying an announcement.

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Promo materials for new HTC One (M8) appearing in Verizon stores

As we prepare for the arrival of the new HTC One (M8) next Tuesday, there’s evidence that the UK might not be the only country getting a quick M8 retail launch. Over in the U.S., at least one Verizon store has received promotional boxes telling shoppers to “get ready to hit refresh” on March 25, at 1pm ET. That’s within an hour of the time given by British retailer Carphone Warehouse, which will be selling the  [Read More…]

GTA III modifications appearing in Android version

Android Central

The anniversary edition of Grand Theft Auto III is quite simply magnificent. It truly is a mark of how far technology has advanced in the last ten years. And in true Android fashion, GTA III can be customised with just a tiny little bit of work.

It turns out that modifying the Android version of the game is in fact as simple as modifying the PC version. By adding files  [Read More…]