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Unleash your inner artist with this best-selling illustration bundle

It’s a common and unfortunate myth that you need to be born with a certain set of talents in order to become good at drawing and illustration. In fact, the best visual artists in any medium tend to put in countless hours of practice in order to get to a point where they can create pro-level work, and you can do the same with the right instruction by your side.

The Fundamental Drawing Bundle for Beginners bundle is a best-selling instructional package  [Read More…]

Grammy Museum at Home features free exhibits, music courses, & artist talks

The Grammy Museum in Los Angeles, California may be closed for the time being, but that actually just gives you more opportunity to check out select exhibits and public programs that are now being released for free online. From intimate discussions and performances with artists like Billie Eilish and FINNEAS, Brandi Carlisle, or X Ambassadors, to music education courses on production, music careers, and more, this selection of content has never been made available for free to the public until  [Read More…]

Artist creates fake traffic jams in Google Maps with 99 phones and a wagon

Not all art is beautiful.

What you need to know Artist Simon Weckert was able to create a virtual traffic jam in Google Maps using a cartful of smartphones. He took advantage of Google Maps crowdsourcing capabilities by running navigation on 99 phones and pulling them through the streets of Germany in a wagon. This caused the streets to light up as congested on Google Maps which could lead to drivers being rerouted to other roads.

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How Android theming helped me find my inner artist

I’m all about expressing myself.

I’m the girl with the Disney shirt on every day, with a beautiful case for my phone, my headphones on top of my jeep cap, and a song in my heart, if not on my lips. I spent some of my schooling years hiding who I am as a means to escape bullying, and I’m done with that. I’m done with hiding. I believe in being who I am and I believe  [Read More…]

Download the OnePlus 3T wallpapers straight from the artist who made them

Illustrator tells the story of how OnePlus’s latest backdrops came to life.

OnePlus has become known for its unique and stylish wallpapers, thanks to the work of artist Hampus Olsson. For the upcoming OnePlus 3T, the company once again teamed up with the Swedish illustrator to bring to life four striking new abstract backgrounds.

And although the phone isn’t out yet, you can already download all of them, in full 1080p resolution, from Olsson’s personal site.

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SoundHound update enhances music discovery with new artist pages, photo galleries

Music discovery service SoundHound is receiving an update on Android today with a completely revamped interface that puts more artist information and media at your fingertips. The new interface focuses on bringing a better experience the moment you search for and identify a new song, when you’re taken to a new results page that features photo galleries, music videos and album listings.

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