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Google now asking staff in EU, Africa, and Middle East to also stay home

The company had already asked all of its North American employees to work from home, if possible.

What you need to know Google is now asking all of its staff in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East to work from home if they can. The move comes after a similar advisory was sent to its North American workforce. It comes in the backdrop of the World Health Organisation declaring COVID-19 a pandemic.

As the World Health Organization  [Read More…]

Is the LG V35 worth its $900 asking price?

Checking in with the AC forums.

On May 30, LG announced a brand new flagship called the V35 ThinQ. The phone’s a mashup between the LG G7 and the V30, using the V30’s design and notch-free display with the G7’s upgraded internals and cameras.

It’s an interesting mix, to say the least, but one that’ll cost you a pretty penny. The V35 will set you back $ 900 on AT&T and Project Fi (the two carriers it’s  [Read More…]

What to do when your VR app is asking for Gear VR instead of Daydream

Make sure your VR headset launches the right version of the app.

The Daydream compatibility update has rolled out to users of Samsung’s Galaxy S8 giving them far more options for VR than any other phone can deliver right now. The ability to play both Gear VR and Daydream games on one device is huge and delivers access to dozens of new apps and games. However, some folks have run into an issue where their phone asks  [Read More…]

Huawei is asking Android Central readers to help test Nougat on the Honor 8

Be a part of the solution.

Last week, we showed you what the next generation of Huawei’s EMUI 5.0 looks like on the Mate 9, and it’s a big upgrade from the previous version. Not only is it slicker and faster, but it has a bunch of great features, like in-line replies and multi window, that work wonders with Huawei’s improvements.

Now, Honor, in collaboration with Android Central, is asking for volunteers  [Read More…]

This is why Android Pay is asking you for a ‘Google Payments PIN’ when making purchases

The ‘Google Payments PIN’ is annoying to use, but it won’t be around for long.

When Android Pay finally arrived to replace the withering-on-the-vine Google Wallet, everyone rushed to get their cards into the app. Those who had a “supported” card from a bank that was in partnership with Google for the launch had a solid experience — tap your phone, and you paid. Anyone who added an unsupported card faced a new hurtle, having to  [Read More…]

T-Mobile wants better coverage inside your home and it’s asking the FCC for help

T-Mobile wants its phones, tablets, and devices to work better in your homes and buildings, and to do so it is petitioning the FCC to make that happen. The Un-carrier wants to be able to buy more low-band spectrum to improve in-building coverage in the next FCC auction, and T-Mobile wants the FCC to alter a few rules to help it succeed.

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Google asking Supreme Court to put an end to Street View class action lawsuit

Google is petitioning the Supreme Court to dismiss one of the Google Street View lawsuits.

Google Street View vehicles would scan unencrypted and open Wifi networks to help find the Street View cars location, which led to cries of privacy violations, and ultimately lawsuits.


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Carrier IQ being grilled by FTC, but who’s asking questions of the carriers?

all sorts of evil

We’re all getting tired of the whole Carrier IQ mess.  Analytics are necessary evil, but in this case done in a totally bullshit way, with little or no regard to how the consumer might feel about it.  No wonder it caused a huge uproar, which has now found its way to Washington.  Federal lawmakers have executives from Carrier IQ in front of them today, hammering them about how the software  [Read More…]

AT&T pulls post asking whether you’re interested in the Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

And, once again, it looks like social media might have stuck its head where it doesn’t belong. You might have noticed yesterday when AT&T on its Google+ page ignited a bit of a fire about the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. While the GSM version is now available in the UK (and it’s an unlocked, pentaband device, so it’ll work just fine on AT&T if you were to import one here), we’re still  [Read More…]