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Make the Google Assistant more accessible with Action Blocks

Whether you want to set up some simple automations for an elderly family member, help out a friend with cognitive disabilities, or you just want to make an “easy button” for your mom to turn on her smart lights, Google’s Action Blocks are here to the rescue. We’ll show you how to enable the app and quickly create Action Blocks that can serve as useful shortcuts for Google Assistant tasks.

Products used in this guide Easy automator: Google  [Read More…]

Arlo Video Doorbell now works with Google Assistant

The doorbell camera is finally compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

What you need to know Arlo’s Video Doorbell has gained Google Assistant support. You can easily connect the Arlo Video Doorbell to the Assistant using the Google Assistant app on your Android phone or iPhone. The video doorbell already offers Amazon Alexa integration.

The Arlo Video Doorbell, which is among the most advanced video doorbells on the market right now, has gained Google Assistant  [Read More…]

Chrome OS 83 debuts with improvements to Assistant, Virtual Desks and more

Google continues to improve its Chrome OS platform.

What you need to know Google has started updating Chromebooks to Chrome OS 83. The update adds improvements to Virtual Desks, Assistant, and Google for families. Chrome OS 83 is rolling out over the coming days.

Ahead of Android 11’s public beta debut next week, Google has released Chrome OS 83 to eligible Chromebooks. It’s not a large milestone update, but it does contain a few quality of life  [Read More…]

Google Assistant smart displays gain improved smart home controls

Your smart display can now be used to fully control a few more smart home devices.

What you need to know A new update is now rolling out to Google’s Nest Hub and other Google Assistant smart displays. The update enables the smart home displays to properly control smart home devices such as smart locks, vacuums, and blinds. It also adds live light status for smart lights and a few other new features.

Google is rolling out  [Read More…]

The best kitchen products you can control by voice using Google Assistant

While you might not initially think that you need voice control in the kitchen, it can be a game-changer. Your hands are probably dirty while you’re in the kitchen cooking up a storm, or, you’re busy multitasking as you prepare a meal. Imagine still being able to adjust songs on your playlist, pause a recipe video you’re following to grab the ingredient you need or find out how many ounces are in a gram without having to tap the screen  [Read More…]

Do Ring devices work with Google Assistant?

Best answer: Yes, Ring devices do work with Google Assistant. Ring has an official Google Assistant app that links all devices on your Ring account to your Google account and makes them available in Google Home.

Who’s at the door?: Ring Video Doorbell 3 ($ 200 at Best Buy) Watching your home day or night: Ring Stick Up Cam ($ 100 at Best Buy) Google in any room: Nest Mini ($ 30 at Best Buy) Commands made  [Read More…]

Google Assistant support comes to all TVs and set-top boxes

While support has been available for select devices for a while, this official support opens it up to all manufacturers for implementation into more products.

What you need to know Support is being added for TVs, set-top boxes, and media remotes. Selecting apps, changing inputs, and playback control are some of the commands that will be available. These three additions come to the list of over 60 existing devices already available.

Google Assistant is available for nearly  [Read More…]

With routines it’s a breeze to get your Google Assistant to do more

It can be both fun and useful to order around the Google Assistant with simple commands like “Hey Google, turn on the lights” and see your words transformed into actions. Did you know, however, that you can do much more than simple one-off commands? By setting up and utilizing the Routines feature of Google Home and Google Assistant, you can trigger complex processes and activities with a simple action or phrase. I’ll show you how in the steps  [Read More…]

Broadcasting to specific Assistant speakers is in testing for some users

For the last couple of years, the only option has been to broadcast your message to all of your connected speakers.

What you need to know Broadcast is a feature that lets you send either a custom or Google default message to all of your Google Assitant enabled speakers. The impending update will allow you to specify the speaker you’d like to send the message to. Currently, there is no official mention from Google about broadcasting to  [Read More…]

Get the most out of these smart devices and services with Google Assistant

Google Assistant is one of the most popular smart voice assistants on the planet and is accessible on devices as diverse as smartwatches, smartphones, smart speakers, and more. In addition to the devices it’s built-in to, the Google Assistant has integrations with hundreds, if not thousands, of other smart devices and services. What follows is a list of some of our favorites, broken down by category.

Smartlights Home automation Smart appliances Security Entertainment Music services Streaming services for video Smartlights  [Read More…]