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How to watch Rise Up New York: Stream the telethon benefit live tonight

Comission-free investing site RobinHood is partnering with iHeartMedia for a live virtual telethon event in support of New Yorkers impacted by COVID-19. Hosted by Tina Fey, the hour-long event is set to feature appearances by some of New York’s biggest actors, musicians, chefs, and more.

During the telethon, donations will be raised for Robin Hood’s relief and recovery efforts that help to serve those most heavily affected by the current crisis. Along with Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de  [Read More…]

Jersey 4 Jersey benefit concert live stream: When it starts & how to watch

Right now the only way to watch your favorite artists perform is if they happen to do an online stream, and tonight some of New Jersey’s biggest stars will be doing just that. A new benefit concert ‘Jersey 4 Jersey’ will be headlined by Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi, but there will be appeances from plenty of other big names as well. All of the money raised from tonight’s event will go towards the New Jersey Pandemic  [Read More…]

How will an SSD benefit the PlayStation 5?

Best answer: Utilizing a solid-state drive (SSD) over a hard disk drive (HDD) means faster load times and better performance in all of your games.

Speed and storage: Western Digital Blue 1TB SSD ($ 115 at Amazon)

What’s the difference between an SSD and HDD?

Both an SSD and HDD are components of a PC that deal with storage and dictate how fast information can be read. In an SSD, data is stored on flash-memory chips  [Read More…]

Cap One Spark Miles the latest to add PreCheck / Global Entry benefit

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Capital One® just announced that its Spark® Miles for Business Card now includes a TSA PreCheck ($ 85 value) or Global Entry ($ 100 value) credit every 4 years. If you were unaware, both TSA PreCheck and Global Entry require renewal every 5 years. Most people will prefer  [Read More…]

Google’s new Play features for devs will benefit you, too

Google’s highly anticipated event, Google I/O, never fails to make waves every year with the company’s many announcements, debuts, and updates. This year, Google I/O 2019 revealed reworks for the Google Play Store, with plenty of new tools and improvements added based on developer feedback to help them sell, market, and update their apps more seamlessly.

First introduced last year, the Android App Bundle has some awesome new features finally leaving beta. According to a Google blog post,  [Read More…]

Amex Platinum cardholders to lose Boingo Wi-Fi benefit

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If you’re a road warrior or even travel lightly, you’ve probably seen Boingo Wi-Fi hotspots at airports, hotels, malls, and convention centers. And for those of you with The Platinum Card® from American Express, you have probably enjoyed complimentary unlimited Wi-Fi at over 1 million Boingo hotspots worldwide.

  [Read More…]

Why progressive web apps (PWAs) may ultimately benefit Google more than Microsoft

Image Credit: David Breyer

The hybrid web-app solution, progressive web app, is touted as the possible solution to Microsoft’s app gap; but it may do more good for Google than for Microsoft.

Google and Microsoft are fierce competitors in AI, productivity tools, search and more. Additionally, Google’s refusal to bring its first-party apps to Windows phone was a strategic blow that contributed to the platform’s poor adoption.

Given this troubled history and present rivalry, it’s ironic  [Read More…]